New Self-Optimising Array and Sub from EAW

EAW Launches Innovative And Powerful NTX Series Line Array & SBX Series High Output Subwoofer System


15 July 2021

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) announces its NTX Series Line Array and SBX Series Subwoofer, user-friendly, high-performance systems ideal for performing arts centres, theatres, medium to large outdoor festivals, corporate events and houses of worship.

EAW’s NTX201L is a high-performance solution that streamlines setup to deliver maximum results in minimal time. It is a 2×10” articulated array with an integrated 1600W two-channel amplifier and universal PFC power supply. The NTX210L operates in the 55hz – 18khz range with a max SPL of 140db and has a 90° horizontal and 12° vertical nominal beamwidth.

With the NTX series, achieving optimal sonic performance has never been easier or more accessible. Different from other powered line array products, the NXT’s patented OptiLogic technology provides automatic array self-detection via onboard infrared sensors and accelerometers, and near instant optimisation including air loss compensation and more. The NTX series features integrated Dante networking (with loop-thru) including analog redundancy capability, allowing the analog input to be set to automatically enable if the Dante signal is lost.

EAW also introduces its SBX Series High Output Subwoofers. The SBX Series active 18” subwoofers include the SBX218 (capable of a total 5,000 watts) and the SBX118 (capable of 2,500 watts). Both operate in the 25hz–120hz frequency range with a max SPL of 141db for the SBX218 and 135db for the SBX118. Both models feature exclusive 18in neodymium woofers with four-inch voice coils. While the SBX Series Subwoofers are mechanically designed to complement the NTX210L Line Array, they can support other systems, such as the EAW Anna ADAPTive and RSX Series lines.


EAW: eaw.com
Australian Distributor: pavt.com.au

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