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8 December 2017

moog syntheiszers innovative music

Innovative Music welcomes legendary musical instrument company Moog Music to its Australian distribution catalogue. Innovative is no stranger to synths, with brands like Novation, Access Virus, and Elektron in its stable of brands. The arrival of Moog kicks things up a notch. Dr. Bob Moog’s legend grew as he redefined the role of electronic instruments in contemporary music. Moog revolutionised the modern analogue synth with the Minimoog Model D, which is now once again available. Every Moog instrument is crafted in Moog’s Asheville North Carolina factory. The company’s offerings range from compact powerhouses like the Mother32 all the way to the Voyager XL and reissue legacy Model D and modular systems. Moog products are now in stock at Innovative Music. Get in touch for pricing and availability of the synth you’ve got your eye on.

Moog: www.moogmusic.com
Australian Distributor: www.innovativemusic.com.au


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