30 March 2016


Meyer Sound is debuting the three latest additions to its line of sound reinforcement solutions at Prolight + Sound 2016: the MJF-208 compact stage monitor, the MDM-5000 distribution module, and the Lyon-WXT extended vertical option.

MJF-208 Compact Stage Monitor

The self-powered MJF-208 stage monitor is designed to deliver impressive power-to-size ratio and very low distortion in a small-footprint.

“The MJF-208 brings the well-known intelligibility and power of Meyer Sound’s stage monitors to applications where a small footprint and low profile are critical,” says Luke Jenks, Meyer Sound’s director of product management. “With a self-powered stage monitor, the amp package is always the same. The MJF-208 offers a performance consistency that passive monitors just can’t guarantee.”

Portability and ease of use for the MJF-208 are enhanced by the convenient and reliable MDM-832 distribution module, which can route up to eight channels of AC power, balanced audio, and RMS monitoring data to multiple stage monitors.

MDM-5000 High-Power Distribution Module


The MDM-5000 is a rack-mount unit for quick connection and efficient distribution of AC power, audio signals, and RMS to LEO Family systems. Standard multicore connectors for audio and power are on the front panel, with discrete connectors on the rear for audio, RMS, and power. The MDM-5000 is available in CE- and UL-compliant versions for worldwide use.

“The MDM-5000 was created in response to requests we’ve received for a multi-use, ‘turnkey’ package for power and signal distribution to larger Meyer Sound systems,” explains Jenks. “By standardising this distribution, the module will significantly simplify cross-rental applications, and serve as an ideal tool for streamlining LEO Family system setups.”

Lyon-WXT Extended Vertical Option

Also debuting in Frankfurt is the Lyon-WXT, an extended vertical coverage option for the Lyon-W wide-coverage line array loudspeaker. The WXT option extends the vertical coverage of the Lyon-W to 15°, giving the lowest cabinets a wider splay angle for more uniform coverage at a much steeper downward angle. A principal application for the WXT option will be for 360° arena shows, where this extended vertical coverage reduces the number of line array and front-fill loudspeakers required.

More info:
Meyer Sound: www.meyersound.com


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