Loopmasters Bass Master


2 July 2018

Bass Master is a new plug-in by Loopmaster’s that’s dedicated to producing a variety of bass tones inspired by hardware classics and cutting edge synth science. A set of 217 waveforms are available across two layers.

Bass Master comes with over 350 mix-ready presets with a clean and simple UI, meaning it’s a breeze to dial in your ultimate bass tone. Each preset comes with parameters ready-mapped to the three-slot mod wheel matrix, so every patch is ready to modulate throughout your track.

The onboard filter offers 13 filter types: including a range of low-pass, band-pass and high-pass models, ladder filters and a comb filter. The filter envelope (ADSR) and LFO (including Random and Drift shapes) give Bass Master even more sculpting power.

Bass Master also offers up three effects: Distortion has five algorithms with Drive and Colour, for warming saturation or drastic transformation; Stereo Chorus has four algorithms with Amount and Rate, for slight thickening or all-out stereo widening; Reverb Send contains Bright, Mid and Dark algorithms with Level and Size controls, to add space to sounds.

Direct out allows you to keep the sub layer unfiltered and clean for a solid foundation. Global controls include Legato and Portamento settings with Glide time, and a pitchbend range of up to 12 semitones.


Loopmasters: www.loopmasters.com

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