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Lab Gruppen LMX Audio Processors At IC23

Two new amp models and an updated controller for the range.


27 June 2023

At this year’s InfoComm trade show, Lab Gruppen presented its new LMX Series of audio processors. This line replaces the LM Series, and exists in two variants: the LMX 88 with eight analogue ins and outs, and the LMX 48 with four ins, eight outs — but with a twist.

LMX 88 has eight analogue ins/outs, eight AES3 ins/outs, Dante/AES67, 24 channels of AES50, dual power supplies, and dual mains inlets. On the front panel there’s a new dedicated button for ‘Scenes’, which is a dedicated console switching mode. This means that you can recall between different input settings to instantly change Dante subscriptions, input router configurations, and input mix settings.

The twist in the LMX 48 is that its four inputs and eight outputs are all able to be switched between AES3 and analogue. The unit has eight ins and outs of Dante/AES67, and there are 24 channels of AES50. This model also features dual power supply and dual mains inlets.

The LMX Range comes with the newly updated control software, Lake Controller. Version 8 of this app sports new graphics and UI, and the usability has been improved by providing the I/O Configuration Overview screen with mini-meters.

Kristian Mossberg, Software Developer at Lab Gruppen says, “You can also change device from the screen selection bar. This is also where you store and recall the presets. We have these meters as well, so you can see the signal throughout the system.”

The control software also improves navigation by providing tabs for ‘I/O Config’, ‘Scenes’, ‘Input Routers’, ‘Input Mixer’, ‘Modules’, and ‘Outputs’. These offer faster access to routing configuration, the new matrix mixer, effect processing modules, and the output section.


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Issue 91