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9 October 2014

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iZotope has just announced an update to its popular mastering software, Ozone, which is great news for those who rely on the glossy software.

We reviewed Ozone 5 last year (link) and found it to be a useful tool to the sound engineer’s plugins mix-bag. iZotope are being coy about what changes we can expect in the upgrade, with little to no info given in its press release. Added to that is the extreme close ups found in the Youtube teaser, so we can’t tell you anything about UI changes or new functionality.

All we’ve been told is the price and a round-about time frame for its delivery (sometime in Q4). One great advantage is for those who buy Ozone 5 now, will get a free update to Ozone 6 when its released, which is none too shabby, especially considering ELFA have the standard version selling for AU$199.

The company is also hitting the floorboards at AES, which is taking lace in Los Angeles this week. There will be copies of Ozone 6 for preview and demos at the iZotope booth, so hopefully we’ll hear some more info about the update coming from that. The company does say it will release more information in the coming weeks, but we think if you’re interested in getting a copy for your own plugins folder, then now is the time to get on that. While it’s still at a great price!

Screen grab from the teaser vid

Pricing and Availability

Customers who purchase Ozone 5 and Ozone 5 Advanced after September 1, 2014, will receive a free upgrade to Ozone 6 upon release.

  • Ozone 6: promotional price US$199, regular price US$249
  • Ozone 6 Advanced: promotional price US$599, regular price US$999
  • Upgrade from Ozone 1-5 to Ozone 6: US$99
  • Upgrade from Ozone 1-5  to Ozone 6 Advanced: promotional price US$399, regular price US$750
  • Upgrade from Ozone 5 Adv. to Ozone 6 Adv: US$299

Australian Distributor: Electric Factory (ELFA) 03 9474 1000 or

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Issue 91