29 September 2015

izotope music production bundle ozone 7

iZotope, Inc. is announcing a new Music Production Bundle. Five award-winning plug-ins are now available at a special bundle price, offering a savings of nearly 50%.

One of the five you’ll get in the bundle is Ozone: iZotope’s popular all-in-one mastering plug-in for giving your mixes that final polish. In addition, there’s Alloy for adding clarity, punch, and life to mixes; Nectar for enhancing and tuning up vocals; Trash for sonic distortion and experimentation; and Insight to visually diagnose what’s going on with your mix. Elegant workflows and built-in visual feedback make the Music Production Bundle accessible for any musician, engineer, producer, or sound designer.

The flagship product in the bundle is the all-new Ozone 7 Advanced, which operates as a standalone platform or as a plug-in within all major DAWs. Ozone 7 Advanced features four new Vintage modules, and Codec Preview lets users hear how their masters will sound to listeners who stream or buy their music online.

More info:
iZotope: www.izotope.com
Australian Distributor: (03) 9474 1000 or www.elfa.com.au


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