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26 May 2017

ik multimedia syntronik screenshot

IK Multimedia has a cutting-edge new virtual synth called Syntronik for Mac and PC. Available in July, Syntronik boasts a brand new combination of advanced sampling techniques with a new hybrid sample and modelling synthesis engine, an arsenal of high-quality modelled effects and innovative instrument features for an impressive collection of vintage synthesizers to date.

Syntronik includes 17 instruments available as a collection or separately, with over 2000 preset sounds from 38 iconic multi-sampled vintage synthesizers. Its synthesis engine has a brand new analogue modelled filter section built with the new Drift technology to accurately reproduce the behaviour of oscillators from real hardware synths. You’ll also find four-part layers, splits and arpeggiators.

Syntronik sounds can be opened in SampleTank 3 to be used together with the growing library of sounds available from IK Multimedia. With 70,000 individual samples and 50 GB of quality sounds, the instrument is being offered at a special 50% discounted introductory price.

IK Multimedia: www.ikmultimedia.com
Australian Distributor: www.sound-music.com


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