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13 June 2013


If you’re wondering why the news desk seems to have suddenly gotten busy, it’s because the Infocomm 2013 exhibition has opened its doors in Orlando, Florida and press releases are flying off the shelves in all directions like that crazy library scene in Ghostbusters. Of note from AKG is its new C111LP earhook microphone, suitable for on-stage performers and corporate speakers. AKG claim the C111LP is nearly indestructible, constructed out of stainless steel to ensure ruggedness and reliability. Still, the strong frame is pliable, able to adjust and fit the head of any performer. The small skin-coloured boom visually disappears against the face (AKG makes no mention if different colours are available), while its 7g weight provides a comfortable fit. The C111LP connects to all AKG pocket transmitters via 3-pin mini XLR for easy integration into any rig. Its frequency response ranges from 60-15.000hz, with an omni-directional polar pattern. C111LP includes a windscreen, cable clip and carrying pouch within its packaging. You can try www.akg.com for more information, but right now C111LP doesn’t get a mention.

AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR: Audio Products Group www.audioproducts.com.au


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