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Hand-Built To Last A Lifetime

Every Minimoog Model D is hand-built to the original factory specs.


18 November 2022

Placing the utmost importance on high-quality materials, all components are carefully sourced and crafted to capture the indescribable feeling of the original Minimoog Model D. Each unit that travels through Moog’s production floor sees identical component placement and through-hole design of the beloved 1970s Minimoog Model D in a hand-finished aluminium chassis, secured to a handcrafted Appalachian hardwood cabinet.  

Model D Is Now Shipping From The Moog Factory
A true recreation of the classic Minimoog Model D analog synthesizer, each unit is hand-built by employee-owners with care inside Moog’s single factory in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. The first production run of the latest Minimoog Model D reissue is now shipping to trusted Moog dealers and distributors within the US and internationally.

“This attention to detail in materials and build allows us to connect directly to the legacy and character of this legendary instrument. The Minimoog Model D is more than just a collection of circuits in a box — it’s a true musical instrument that is a joy to program and play. Bob [Moog] always recognised the importance of an instrument’s feel, and we’ve gone to great lengths to honour his practices through the re-introduction and manufacture of this beautiful synthesizer.”
– Steve Dunnington, VP of Product Development at Moog Music

The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble Performs with 10 Minimoogs
In collaboration with Moog Music, the Will Gregory Moog Ensemble presents ‘Archimedes Screw’. This is a live performance from 10 musicians, each using their own Model D to add layers of sound to the composition as it builds. From the onset of the video the stage is set with a mix of vintage and modern Minimoogs lining the chancel of the historic Mount Without chapel in Bristol, UK. The acoustics of the space provide a warm depth to the sound of Minimoogs produced from every era they have been manufactured.

Utilising MIDI integration for the 2016 and 2022 reissues, and MIDI-to-CV converters for the vintage units involved in this performance, the Moog Ensemble highlights the modern features alongside the classic sound. According to the group’s musical director and composer, Will Gregory, the instrument’s enhancements expand Model D’s realm of sonic possibility.

Gregory says, “The MIDI aspect of these instruments enables us to open polyrhythmic possibilities between the 10 parts that would be beyond humans to reproduce otherwise. Our hands become free for sound sculpting as we perform by manipulating the filter, resonance, modulation, and envelope controls in pairs. Both these aspects are very important to how I see the Moog Ensemble breaking new ground in live performance and simultaneously giving a more expressive and warm creation.”

‘Archimedes Screw’ demonstrates Model D’s timeless sound, playability, and relevance as a powerful musical tool for live performance. Gregory shares in an interview with Moog that the Moog Ensemble manifesto is very much about live performance as a living breathing unit of musicians listening and responding together.

Enjoy the Will Gregory Moog Ensemble’s performance.  


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