Gone Fishin’

Stephen ‘Squirrel’ Bray retires from TAG.


1 December 2022

After 29 years with Technical Audio Group Stephen Bray has announced his retirement, with future plans still evolving. Joining TAG in the free-wheeling sales environment of the 1990s, Steve had a remarkable knack of being in the right place — and talking with the right people — at the right time, and along the way unearthing competitors’ sales opportunities whilst keeping secret his own. This was a constant source of wonder and frustration for competitors and colleagues alike, including legendary SOS Communications boss Michael White, who coined the nickname ‘Squirrel.’

“He brought to TAG a real sales hustle and professionalism, had an understanding of distribution, and was central in securing the Allen & Heath and QSC brands for Australia. And then building them over more than 25 years,” said TAG Director Maxwell Twartz.

More recently Steve focused on managing the Allen & Heath brand in Australia. Here he implemented a strategy around making it more three-dimensional, and not just about a physical electronic device. The Ampervan, its travels, and the activations that sprung from it were all part of the plan, and proved a perfect foil for social media. Along the way a great deal of fun and entertainment was had by all involved — especially during the Covid years.

“Steve’s contribution to TAG cannot be underestimated,” said TAG Director Tony Russo. “From our Sussex Street days when it was just the Steve, Max and myself (AKA ‘The Three Musketeers’), he’s been in the middle of everything we do and the ‘front man’ of the company for much of that time.”

“No doubt I’ll stay connected with live music, photography, and in some capacity Allen & Heath, but most importantly right now, I have some fishing rods and intend to use them,” commented Steve. Max concluded by saying, “Speaking on behalf of all at TAG we express our sincerest thanks to Steve and very best wishes for the future. We also recognise the challenges ahead for estuarine fish of the NSW South Coast, and extend our best wishes to them also!”


Technical Audio Group: tag.com.au

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