Furman, a Nice Brand, Exclusively Distributed by Jands in NZ

The announcement is reinforced by years of Jands' success with Furman products in Australia.


17 April 2024

Jands (New Zealand) Limited, a leading distributor in the audio, video, and lighting industry, is delighted to announce its exclusive distribution partnership with Furman, a Nice Brand, in New Zealand, starting 15 April 2024. This agreement marks a notable expansion of Jands’ portfolio, leveraging years of distribution success with Furman products in Australia and reinforcing Jands’ dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its New Zealand customers.

Furman, renowned for its high-quality power conditioning and distribution products, along with innovative energy management solutions, has been the go-to brand for professionals seeking reliable power management solutions since 1974. The company’s products are essential in a wide range of applications, from live performances and recording studios to broadcast operations and commercial installations, ensuring the safety and optimal performance of electronic equipment.

Furman’s product suite, includes compact power conditioners, adaptable power cords, and advanced UPS systems, extending to specialised items like the Smart DC Power Manager, featuring BlueBOLT IP Control for remote energy management, and the Home Theatre Power Conditioner, designed to enhance the performance and longevity of electronic equipment, mitigating risks associated with power-related issues.

“This partnership reinforces our presence and brings world-class solutions tailored to the needs of our New Zealand customers,” remarked CEO and Managing Director of Jands, Phil Muffet.

“In line with our mutual dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, Furman’s reliable power solutions perfectly complement our mission. We’re committed to enriching the customer experience within New Zealand, backed by excellent local support,” shared Kit Watson, General Manager of Jands New Zealand.


Jands Australia: (02) 9582 0909

Website: www.jands.com.au


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