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Eventide’s New Instrument/Sequencer

Misha allows users to approach music creation in a new way.


11 April 2023

Utilising a unique, interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies, Eventide’s novel Misha instrument/sequencer will be demonstrated by two friends-of-Eventide: MIDI guru Steve De Furia and sound designer Richard Devine. Since its release last summer, dozens of artists have discovered, for the first time, what it’s like to ‘play’ music easily and simply. A Misha software release is now available as a public beta. It includes a requested feature or two as well as fixes.

Misha is being shown at NAMM for the first time, and is designed to be played like a keyboard instrument while making music in a way unlike any other instrument.

Tone Row Sequencer
Inspired by twelve-tone composition, Misha’s sequencer expands upon the tone row technique, allowing for new paths of spontaneous creativity. Modify your sequence using some of the classic techniques such as Prime, Retrograde, or Inverted playback, or completely rearrange your sequence in unpredictable and exciting ways.

100 Scales
Misha comes preloaded with a variety of scales ranging from typical Western scales, microtonal scales, scales that use just intonation, and everything in between. Additionally, two banks of User scales allow you to upload your own scales using the Scala format for further experimentation.

Load a new sequence, key, scale, and more on the fly using presets. Presets can be accessed from the dedicated preset menu or can be loaded via MIDI Program Changes from external devices, allowing Misha™ to be an essential piece of gear for live performance.

Integrate Misha into your Eurorack system using the 3 pairs of T/G/CV inputs and outputs, or connect to your DAW or synths and sequencers via MIDI.

MIDI & CV Inputs
MIDI Note/CC maps and 3 pairs of CV inputs can be customised to a wide range of functions such as transposition, translation, randomisation, loading keys and scales, sequencer transport control, and much more.

USB & Keyboard Mapping
Play Misha’s intervals from your favourite MIDI keyboard or device and create a custom MIDI mapping to suite your needs. You can also play Misha using a USB computer keyboard using custom mappings.

Assignable Buttons
Easily assign Misha’s four user buttons to play intervals or other convenient functions such as octave up/down, chromatic steps, and more.


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Issue 91