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Eight Is Enough

Heritage Audio’s Súper 8 preamp & OST-8 ADAT 500-Series enclosure.


17 June 2022

Heritage Audio has announced the availability two new 8 channel units — the Súper 8 preamp, and the OST-8 ADAT. The Súper 8 is an 8 channel transformer-coupled class A mic preamp with premium 24 bit 192k ADC providing eight channels in a 2U enclosure. The OST-8 ADAT is a 3U rack-mountable, eight-slot 500-Series enclosure, allowing workability with a premium 24-bit/192kHz ADC creating a clean, direct pathway for sending signals to a DAW using an ADAT Lightpipe cable.

Súper 8
The Súper 8 offers a compact solution for when several high quality preamps and top class conversion is needed. It allows eight high-quality signals to be recorded into a DAW with an ADAT Lightpipe cable. The unit can either be the Master or Slaved to another unit as there is a BNC IN and OUT for reliable syncing. It also offers an alternate route to the converter via a DB25 connector to expand the unit’s flexibility.

Using its Class A 73 Preamp building experience Heritage Audio was able to fit 8 MIC/Line preamps into a sturdy 2 unit rack. All 8 are faithful to its 3 stage all Class A design with Carnhill transformers fitted at the input and the output. The first two channels also include its high quality JFET DI as well as a fully sweepable Lo-cut filter. All 8 channels include switches for 48V, Line, Lo-cut(-3dB at 82Hz) and Phase.

There is built in analog to digital conversion available on 3 different digital formats: ADAT, AES/EBU and SPDIF with BNC connectors for reliable word clock syncing. Selectable sampling frequencies from 44.1kH to 192kH. The MIC/Line Preamp outputs can be directly sent to the DAC, but there’s also the possibility of choosing an alternative input — per channel — for the digital conversion, making this an extremely flexible unit. This can come in useful if you need to output the preamps to an EQ or compressor before returning them for digital conversion.


  • 8 Class A 73 Style Preamps with 3 Stage design offering up to 80dB of Gain
  • Exclusively designed Carnhill Transformers on the Input and Output
  • High quality JFET D.I. before the Input Transformer on first 2 Channels
  • Sweepable LoCut filter on first 2 Channels
  • Premium 24Bit/192kHz 8 Channel ADC
  • ADAT, SPDIF, AES/EBU Digital Output options
  • Analog Inputs & Outputs on Gold Plated XLRs as well as DB25 Connectors
  • Alternate Input path to ADC available

Many people rely on the ADAT format and almost every serious sound card includes an ADAT option, so incorporating an ADAT output is a practical progression for Heritage Audio designs. The OST-8 ADAT is an 8 slot 500 series enclosure with its own built-in premium converter to make capturing, processing, and digitalising signals at a high quality a reality. 

Here Heritage Audio has relied on its trusted On Slot Technology to guarantee a clean, protective environment for your valuable 500 series modules. It offers filtering and isolation for each slot, and each module is individually regulated providing each module with tis own power supply. 

The OST-8 ADAT incorporates a high quality 24Bit/192kH ADC that can operate as a MASTER unit or SLAVE to another with a BNC connector to sync to WordClock to assure a stable conversion. A great feature is that it’s possible to select individually, per channel, the input routed to the ADC. This means one can choose between the signal directly from the input, the signal after going through the 500 module or an ADC external in signal. This last option is useful as it gives the user more processing possibilities before the conversion stage.

The OST-8 ADAT is solidly built and includes gold plated XLR connectors as well as the Inputs and Outputs duplicated on DB25 connectors for further convenience. Then there’s the ‘LINK’ button on the back which has become a must have as it permits you to internally connect one module’s output to the next, adjacent module’s input with the no need to use patch cables.


  • Premium 24Bit/192kH 8 Channel Analog-To-Digital converter can be either MASTER or SLAVE to another unit and guarantee correct syncing with its BNC connector
  • Heritage Audio’s ‘On Slot Technology’ has been used to offer protection, filtering, and isolation for you modules
  • Alternate Input path to ADC available
  • 2 X ADAT Outputs enables SMUX use
  • 3 selectable input options per channel (Pre 500 module, Post 500 module or External Aux) of the 8 channel ADC means you will always have the most flexible routing possible
  • Trusted, streamlined connection with your audio interface using just one Lightpipe cable
  • OST-8 ADAT also includes the popular ‘LINK’ button to internally connect one module to the next without the need for patch cables
  • Gold plated, balanced +4dB connectors are used throughout as well as duplicated on DB25 connectors for even more convenience


Heritage Audio:

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Issue 93


Ableton Live 12
What’s in. What’s out. What to expect.