6 December 2017

eastwest hollywood choirs

EastWest has a new 59GB sample library that’ll take your choral arrangements to the next level. Made up of male and female sections, you can pull vocal tones ranging anywhere from angelic to dramatic to majestic to thundering. But Hollywood Choirs has a major trick up its sleeve. Instead of the usual deal where choirs sing borderline-intelligible phrases in Latin, the EastWest instrument has an improved WordBuilder plug-in which lets you type in a phrase of your choice and the software intelligently strings together the correct samples to form the sentence. Pair that with a MIDI performance and you have a very convincing choir singing the melody and words of your choosing. Nice. Hollywood Choirs Diamond Edition includes a 13 microphone-user-controllable setup (with a Neumann Dummy Head) designed for surround sound and VR. Hollywood Choirs is available for individual purchase (US$599 for Diamond version, US$499 for Gold version) and as a free addition for ComposerCloud subscribers.

EastWest: www.soundsonline.com


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