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Ableton Live 12
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Double-Distilled Distortion

The new Dist COLDFIRE plugin from Arturia.


6 September 2022

Dist COLDFIRE is an all-in-one distortion effect delivering subtle mix-enhancing saturation, dual-engine custom crunch, or unrestrained sonic destruction, combining analog and digital algorithms with deep modulation and customisation to unearth near-infinite distortion possibilities for any sound.

Deeply Customisable Distortion Pair up any of the 11 distortion types (from emulated tube heat to icy digital bit crush), and customise routing and modulation to create entirely unique sonic textures.

Creative Destruction — With Dist Coldfire’s dual-engine architecture, users can create resonant metallic melodies, introduce artificial harmonic reflections, and trigger wildly destructive feedback loops.

Modulate And Animate — Swap static sound processing for distortion that evolves, flickers, and dances to any tune with 6 assignable modulation slots, step sequencing, envelope following, and more.

Intuitive But Powerful — Dist Coldfire is simple enough to create exciting dual distortion effects in just a few easy clicks, but flexible enough to become totally immersed in deeply destructive sound design.


Distortion is a universal thing, a cause and effect, a means and an end. The folding of an analog waveform; the dense fizziness of a classic ‘70s guitar stompbox; the bite of a sound that’s passed its threshold. In the sphere of contemporary music, it can mean the pumping analog imperfections of artists like Caribou and Floating Points; the hybrid industrial soundscapes of acts like Nine Inch Nails and Skinny Puppy; the seismic guitar sounds of everyone from Eric Gales to Bring Me The Horizon; the gritty, intimate production of today’s songwriting pioneers like Billie Eilish and Phoebe Bridgers.

From worn out magnetic tape to clipped-signal circuitry to dramatic folds in analog waveforms, distortion can exist in many forms. Dist COLDFIRE fuses 11 of these forms into a single explosive plugin, from red-hot analog to ice-cold digital, each with distinctive controls.

Main Features:

  • Two distortion engines
  • Hidden Advanced control panel for in-depth sound design
  • 5 routing options. Serial, Parallel, Stereo, Mid/Side, Band Split
  • Routing balance slider to blend Distortions A & B, with real-time visualizer
  • Pre or Post 3-mode Dynamics module. Compressor, Multiband, Limiter
  • Feedback module
  • 6-mode Pre Filter per distortion engine, including Comb Filtering
  • 2-band Post Filter per distortion engine
  • 6 assignable modulation slots, each with 4 modes: LFO, Function, Follower, 16-Step Sequencer
  • Over 150 presets built-in
  • A/B comparison
  • Oversampling

11 distortion algorithms to choose from, each with specific controls.|
Tape Dial in some grainy tape-style saturation and degradation, particularly effective on the low-end, perfect for that organic lo-fi sound
Tube The soft-clipping warmth and depth of the vacuum valve sound, rich in harmonics and highly responsive to your input
Transistor The biting response of classic echo box preamps, known for its presence and edgy character, great on guitars
Transformer   simulation of the nuanced distortion created by magnetic hysteresis, with two options: nickel, for subtle processing, and iron, for more low-mid emphasis
Germanium — The screaming tone made famous by Germanium diode amps, distortion pedals, and fuzz boxes, bright and red-hot
Force — Based on classic studio outboard gear, with 4 modes of operation ranging from analog saturation to roaring overdrive, great for your mix bus
Rectifier — Imitating the unique harmonic overtones and zapped character achieved by reshaping a waveform’s negative phase
Bit Crusher — Edgy harmonics and glassy digital noise achieved by reducing the sample and bitrate of a sound, making anything sound harsh and robotic
Bit Inverter — Introduce crisp digital distortion and unexpected artefacts by modulating a signal’s bit content in real-time
Wavefolder — By distorting the shape of your signal’s waveform, this mode delivers unique overtones and harmonic alterations beyond recognition with 7 shapes
Waveshaper — An incredibly flexible mode with 11 subtypes of operation, from shattered-signal fuzz to surprisingly resonant asymmetrical drive

To celebrate the launch, registered users can purchase Dist Coldfire at a one-off introductory price, with discounts up to 50% off. All users will also have access to discounts on a bundle comprising FX Collection 3 and Dist Coldfire. 

Available on Mac and PC in VST, AAX, Audio Unit, NKS formats, on 64-bit DAWs only.
Discounts available until Thursday, September 15th.


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Issue 93


Ableton Live 12
What’s in. What’s out. What to expect.