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dBTechnologies RS16000 Touring Rack Wireless System

The new RS16000 Touring Rack from dBTechnologies made its official debut at this year’s Winter NAMM.


29 January 2019

Operable within the UHF spectrum between 470-870MHz, the digital, 24-bit, true diversity wireless microphone system offers up to 400MHz of tuning bandwidth across six channels. A total of 16,000 frequencies are available to users, which can be selected in manual mode within 25kHz increments to meet the needs of virtually any application in countries around the globe.

Housed in a rugged road case, the RS16000 system includes six RS16000R receivers, a model AS6W antenna splitter with 9V phantom power, its own active cooling system, an RPS10 power supply, and a HUB800 network hub, which facilitates use of dBTechnologies’ proprietary Wireless Manager software via a front-panel USB port.

An Ethernet port is also provided in the back panel for building and managing multiple systems, each of which can virtually support more than 60 transmitters simultaneously.

Sold separately, handheld and bodypack transmitters are available for use with the system. Interchangeable capsules are included with the handheld transmitter along with a Shure adapter, while the bodypack is equipped with a Shure-compatible mini-XLR connector. Either alkaline or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can be used with both transmitters, providing up to seven hours of continuous operation.

Beyond the broadband antenna included with each system, optional accessories include windproof omnidirectional and directional antennas, both of which are active with adjustable gain (+12, +6, 0, -6dBm), and outfitted with an LED indicator that warns users when RF saturation exceeds safe levels.

With an operating range of nearly 100m in absence of interference, the RS16000 Touring Rack is FCC, RED, and IC compliant. Its low latency (1.8ms maximum) complements the digital, compander-free circuitry to insure sonic clarity across the entire working spectrum. As a safeguard, a 48-bit random encryption key enables discreet operation that can’t be decrypted even with another RS16000 device.

Engineered to be a truly comprehensive management app, Wireless Manager can be used to accomplish myriad tasks ranging from country-specific frequency selection, spectrum analysis, and automatic frequency scan to calculating intermodulation, making gain adjustments, and much more.

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Issue 91