17 April 2015

Crown-XLS2-Stack sml

Crown Audio XLS DriveCore 2 Series two-channel power amps included upgraded features such as DSP band-pass filtering (for more precise DSP tuning), selectable input sensitivity and remote sleep mode trigger. Four new models are available: XLS 2502, XLS 2002, XLS 1502 and XLS 1002, with power ratings from 350 to 775W per channel at 4Ω and 1100 to 2400W at 4Ω bridged. XLS DriveCore 2 Series amps feature DriveCore amplifier circuitry that combines high power output with real energy efficiency, all under 5kg. All the amplifiers have selectable input sensitivity of either 1.4Vrms or 0.775Vrms, facilitating their use in a wider variety of applications and enabling the amplifiers to be driven at full power no matter what the input is. There’s a remote sleep modetrigger function, to reduce power consumption from a distance and a security setting that disables the front-panel menu buttons.

Available in June and prices start from US$299

More info: crownaudio.com

Australian Distributor: Jands (02) 9582 0909 or info@jands.com.au


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