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CONNEX’s Immersive Processing Technology

The new portable recording, live streaming & conferencing solution from SSL.


3 November 2022

Solid State Logic, a leading manufacturer of music and audio production tools, has drawn on its 50 years of expertise in top-flight professional markets to creates Connex — a groundbreaking USB microphone that sets a new standard for convenient, high quality audio capture. Whether the application is conferencing, live streaming, or high quality, portable music recording, Connex is a nimble, no-compromise solution that is portable, easy to use, and features advanced DSP taken directly from SSL’s deep understating of music, broadcast, and film production.

Fully compatible with both Mac and PC and all major videoconferencing platforms, Connex is not only the perfect high quality audio companion for office, working from home, and remote videoconferencing, but is also suitable for podcasting, live streaming or music capture — whether at home or on-the-move. Measuring just 9 x 9 x 4cm, Connex can be used on a flat surface, or easily mounted to a microphone arm or camera stand to accommodate almost any application. 

Advanced Design, Unmatched Value For Performance

“Connex is the ultimate ‘portable problem solver’ for today’s fast-paced digital age,” commented Enrique Perez, Solid State Logic’s CTO. “We are excited to apply our decades-long expertise to bring one of the most useful, high-quality and value-based audio products to the consumer market. Whether you are a remote worker, an international jet-setter, an inspired content creator or a musician, Connex is an extremely high-quality solution that will help capture your ideas with immediacy and clarity.”

Connex Microphone & DSP Modes

Developed using Solid State Logic’s professional music and broadcast production tools, as used by the world’s top artists, recording studios, and broadcasters, Connex features advanced quad microphone array and four DSP modes tailored to get the best out of conference, live streaming or recording. It features four microphone capsules facing out from each side of its unique frustum design, and four operating modes. Each mode features noise-floor optimisation and sophisticated DSP correction.

White: Solo Mode

Designed for picking up a single sound source from the front of the unit, e.g. conference call or live streaming with a single presenter. DSP and microphone optimised for speech coming from the front face while rejecting sound from back and side faces.

Green: Group Mode

Designed for picking up multiple sound sources in a space, e.g. broadcasting a roundtable discussion over a video conferencing system or live streaming with multiple presenters. DSP and microphone optimised for speech from multiple directions.

Magenta: Vocal Mode

Designed for picking up sound sources from the front of the unit, e.g. a person singing, the microphone array is processed to a stereo signal, focused around the front of the unit. The mic’s internal audio processing is optimised for dynamic sound sources like signing.

Blue: Music Mode

Designed for picking up louder sound sources from the front of the unit, e.g. acoustics guitar. The microphone array is mixed down to a stereo signal, focused around the front of the unit. The mic’s internal audio processing will be optimised for louder musical sources.


All four modes feature an advanced immersive recording setting. This allows the user to access each of the four individual mic sources for the purpose of immersive and spatial recordings or broadcasts. 

High Quality Headphone Output, Intelligent Interface

On the front of Connex is a high quality, powerful, 3.5mm headphone output, which provides ultra-clear audio to your headphones during video calls, recording sessions, or music playback through SSL’s studio quality audio converters. The headphone output also has a loopback output, which is useful for ambient ‘room’ monitoring. 

An intelligent touch-sensitive interface at the top of the unit provides options to adjust headphone levels, microphone muting, ‘push-to talk’ and the ability to cycle through the four different DSP settings. A back-lit, coloured SSL panel allows users to quickly identify both the microphone muting state and which DSP setting is currently activated.

Connex Key Features:

  • Advanced quad microphone array for recording and video conferencing applications
  • Four separate digital signal processing (DSP) modes using SSL EQ and dynamics algorithms
  • 24bit / 96kHz professional quality DAC / ADC converters
  • Automatic smart mixer for picking up multiple room sources on group calls
  • Enhanced dual-mono, stereo and quad signals provided for video conferencing, stereo recording and immersive recording applications respectively
  • High quality 3.5 mm headphone output with mic Loopback option for ambient monitoring
  • Touch-sensitive controls for headphone level and microphone muting
  • Backlit RGB illuminated logo indicates mic mute state and DSP mode
  • Includes 1⁄4-inch camera tripod thread in base and mic stand thread adapter provides flexible mounting options
  • Fully USB powered, USB adapters included
  • Compatible with Windows and class compliant for MacOS

The new SSL Connex is derived from the same legendary heritage as the SSL’s music and audio production tools, which are revered for their quality, having been at the centre of countless hit records, films and broadcast around the world for over 50 years. In developing Connex, the company has applied the same design and engineering expertise present in its famous professional production tools, producing a new and truly innovative solution for the consumer market. 

Connex is available now and priced at US$199.99.


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Issue 93


Ableton Live 12
What’s in. What’s out. What to expect.