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Introducing the voice extractor.


1 June 2023

Cedar Audio has announced a massive leap forward in AI-powered noise reduction with the introduction of the VoicEX voice extractor. This plugin incorporates unique algorithmic capabilities that take it beyond standard AI-based noise reduction techniques. Offering remarkable performance, even Cedar’s own audio engineers were shocked by the amount of noise removed — and the quality of the retained voices — when they first heard it.

Gordon Reid, Cedar’s Managing Director says, “A few years ago, we started developing some of the technologies that would lead us to VoicEX. We were sure that these would offer a noticeable improvement over our existing noise reduction techniques, but we didn’t know to what to degree. I was stunned when I heard the output from the first prototype, and subsequent fine-tuning of the algorithm has been directed at making VoicEX achieve the best possible results over the widest range of audio. The results are remarkable, and we think that VoicEX sets a new standard for real-time audio noise reduction.”

“The leap forward has been made possible by a completely new approach to voice extraction incorporating our own advances in the field of deep neural networks to identify the voices in the signal and create two audio streams — one containing just the voices, and one containing everything else. This approach makes VoicEX very simple to use. Where you might expect numerous controls, you’ll find just two knobs: one to determine the loudness of the background; and the other to control the loudness of the speech. Reduce the former, and the noise goes away without affecting the timbre of the voices. Reduce the latter, and the voices go away to reveal the background. Increase either to emphasise that part of the signal. It’s incredibly simple to understand and takes no time to master and use, but the results are truly amazing.”

Reid concluded by saying, “We expect that the technology powering VoicEX will quickly lead to new products on our other platforms, so we’re very excited to see where this will lead us over the coming months.”


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Issue 91