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California Riffin’

Fender expands CA Series.


26 September 2022

Originally launched in 2018, the California Series of acoustic guitars celebrates the lifestyle and culture associated with the region and the brand’s Southern California roots, which continues to expand each year. 

Energetic and independent, this family of guitars defies acoustic guitar conventions — from the Stratocaster headstocks and vibrant colours, to the distinctive Fender body shapes that mark players as visionary artists. 16 million new players picked up a guitar during the pandemic in the US and these lively, full and modern-sounding guitars are a go-to for beginners. The perfect companion to the Fender Play app, the California Series engages new learners with the nuances of developing their guitar playing skills and generating a new wave of musicians.

Explore your individual creativity with the bold looks and inspiring sound of the California Acoustic Player series. Inspired by the California lifestyle — colourful, energetic and independent — Fender fused its electric guitar DNA with exceptional acoustic playability and tone to craft this one-of-a-kind guitar.

Key features are made specifically for first-time players, including:

  • 3 exclusive body shapes with 3different options to choose from: Malibu, Newporter and the Redondo
  • Built in digital tuner
  • CD-1 Fishman pickup / preamp system to plug into an amp for a more amplified sound
  • 6-in-line tuning machines on the instantly recognisable Fender headstock

Watch Scott Goldbaum and Melissa Dougherty take the Redondo, Malibu and Newporter for a spin.




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