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September 17, 2014

FS2 Family

Clear-Com has just released its new FreeSpeak 2 system, which was on show at this year’s InfoComm in Las Vegas.

Before the internet and mobile phones, a popular way to communicate with friends/colleagues was via Intercom systems, CB and Two-Way radios. Back in the day, teenage girls were known to rank a man’s sex appeal by how big his CB antenna was, and whether it was attached to the roof his hotted up Torana, or the bonnet of his pimped out panel van – with obligatory “don’t come knockin’ if its rockin'” sticker.

Companies and dedicated enthusiasts maintain Intercom, CB and UHF Two-Way radios systems, with new products being showcased every year at tech-shows. An example of which, was Clear-Com’s addition of FreeSpeak 2 products at InfoComm, introducing beltpacks, antennas, batteries and a charger to complement the growing list of FreeSpeak  products.

The FreeSpeak 2 system is a wireless communications solution for both large and difficult coverage areas with multiple antennas down to single coverage cones requiring large amounts of full-duplex wireless beltpacks.

Unlike the relatively empty (at the time) broadcast UHF frequency used in you’re Dad or older brother’s CB, the FreeSpeak system uses the ISM DECT (1.9GHz) band. This band keeps users away from UHF which is currently under restack, without the need to coordinating their system around Wireless Mics, IEM/IFB and other radio devices.

The beltpack’s new design an IP65 rated, light weight (0.4kg), rugged enclosure with a top mounted OLED displaying the communication route labels and menu access. It also features four, top mounted, programmable push buttons, with recessed volume encoders and a side mounted reply key for no-look responding. A new Li-Ion battery has been added to extend the life of the beltpack (18 hours), along with the ability to use “AA” cells (as back-up). There’s also a new 5-way drop-in charging system, allowing either batteries or beltpacks to be placed directly into the charger..

In addition to this, the beltpacks have been equipped with handy “listen again” function allowing users to replay the last 15 seconds of audio, both lanyard strap points and a metal belt clip as well as a technicians light.

The FreeSpeak 2 transceivers have also had a redesign, with the removal of external antenna components (to minimise damage to the unit). Coverage and performance has been improved and each transceiver can now be powered locally or by the splitter of basestation, allowing connection for 5 full-duplex beltpacks per transceiver. Up to 10 Transceivers can be connected to the 1RU basestation and up to 10 per card (max of 4 cards) to each Clear-Com EHX card based Matrix.

There’s also a standalone antenna mode which allows beltpacks and a single transceiver to work as a single channel party-line system without the need for a base. Which can be used to test coverage area without the need for all hardware to be made available or as a simple standalone system.

Price and Availability

The FreeSpeak 2 system begins shipping this month. For pricing, check: www.clearcom.com/FreeSpeak

Australia Sales:
Jands Pty Ltd
Tel:+61 2 9582 0909


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