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Beauty & The Beast Mode

BB Tubes, from the Waves ‘Magma’ series.


2 December 2022

From delicate to aggressive analog brilliance, BB Tubes makes your mixes sound expensive and brings your music to life. The sound of this original-design plugin from our Magma series quite simply must be heard to be believed, with huge-sounding tube saturation that makes any vocal or instrument jump out of the speakers. 

BB Tubes will also give you incredibly loud mixes. The soft clipping of the tubes brings down transient peak levels, while dramatically increasing perceived loudness. You’ll get a much louder mix before it starts digital clipping. There also options for a pre and post hi-shelf EQ; transformer in/out; bass relief to remove the low frequencies from the side-chain input; a sensitivity control which lets you choose the point at which you hit the tubes; and a dry/wet knob and output gain.

This plugin also includes a license for Lil Tube, which installs with BB Tubes.


Perfect for delicate harmonic saturation, where you just want to make a sound blossom before it breaks up. You’ll hear an instant roundness, fatness and glow with this knob, and an unmistakably huge low-mid.

Immediate in-your-face energy, attitude and aggression, all the way to crunch distortion. Even when fully broken up, the sound feels tight and controlled, without collapsing into muddiness. There’s also an A/B switch to select between two different tube types.

For best results, blend the two knobs! Beauty cascades into Beast, so tune and tweak them for an enormous range of saturation sounds for any part, style or genre. Incredible tones are simple to dial in without overthinking, and parts will simply feel ‘finished’ in the mix far quicker than before. Once you start using BB Tubes on your drums, vocals, guitars, bass, synths, mix bus and absolutely everything, it’s hard to go back.


  • HUGE-sounding tube saturation
  • BEAUTY knob perfect for delicate harmonic saturation
  • BEAST knob for extreme & aggressive in-your-face distortion
  • Cascade & combine BEAUTY & BEAST knobs for an exceptional range of tones
  • Incredible results on any instrument or vocal
  • Tube soft clipping creates extremely loud mixes, quickly
  • Includes pre and post hi-shelf EQ, bass relief, mix knob
  • Includes a license for Lil Tube, which is installed with BB Tubes


Waves: waves.com
Australian Distributor: sound-music.com

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