A Complete 4-Part Series
Issue 71

Austrian Audio Releases Hi-X (High Excursion) Headphones

Launching at NAMM, the HI-X (High Excursion) headphones mark the first ever professional headphone launch from microphone manufacturer, Austrian Audio.


January 14, 2020

Austrian Audio’s first ever professional headphone launch is taking place at NAMM 2020, where the manufacturer will debut the Hi-X (High Excursion) headphones in the US. Comprised of the on-ear HI-X50 and over-ear HI-X55, the headphones are designed and constructed by the manufacturer’s team of experts in Vienna and made in Austria.

A bit of Austrian Audio history: the company opened its doors mid-2017 immediately after the closure of AKG’s Vienna offices. Initially staffed with 22 former AKG employees from all disciplines ranging from management, acoustics, electronics, test and measurement, mechanical design, RF/wireless, and software/firmware, this amounted to over 350 years of combined pro audio expertise on day one.

With a nod to its manufacturing heritage, all drivers in the Hi-X are designed and engineered by Austrian Audio.

The on-ear, supra-aural HI-X50s are specifically designed for those requiring a portable and compact option, whereas the HI-X55 circumaurals provide over-ear comfort. Both feature Austrian Audio’s exclusive 44mm HI-X driver and have a 250Ω impedance.

“Our engineers have designed larger drivers in the past, but our science, measurements and listening tests have shown that 44mm is the best size for this design,” explained Philipp Schuster, Product Manager. “It ensures optimal performance in the Hi-X by moving a lot of air, and eliminates ‘wobbling’ of the diaphragm. It’s all about controlled sound. 44mm is optimal for the professional Hi-X series.”

Austrian Audio’s ring magnet system – which has been incorporated into various award-winning headphones in the past – is present in the new headphone line, further enhanced with all-new design updates featuring the latest materials, improved air-flow and the strongest magnetic field the company has made yet. The ring magnet structure couples with a copper-clad aluminium voice coil to reduce the moving mass for a better impulse reaction. A three-ply membrane increases the stiffness and reduces undesired resonances, bolstered further by a double acoustic wall designed to achieve the best damping results.

A detachable cable is included, and each headphone comes with a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter.

NAMM 2020 takes place January 16-19, 2020 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, where Austrian Audio will exhibit in the US for the first time in the Pro Audio Hall, ACC North/Level 1, booth number: 14121.


Austrian Audio: www.austrianaudio.com
Australian Distributor: www.grouptechnologies.com.au


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A Complete 4-Part Series
Issue 71