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3 November 2014

audio bombs

Who doesn’t love free plugins? Well we’ve found an online resource, that’s chock full of them – AudioBombs.

The platform distributes user-created and free to use samples, Ableton racks, CTRLR panels, Reason refills, Touch OSC templates, MIDI editors and presets for popular third-party plugins. There’s also a smattering of demos available to download, along with UI skins for many popular programs.

AudioBombs was launched last year and is the brainchild of Florida DJ, Refurb (aka Lucien Wegner) and software developer Tim Van Steenburgh. Despite it being a relatively new community, the site is absolutely teeming with content, with varying degrees of quality.


You can get some fairly boring presets and tools, but there are some gems as well.  For example, the Hardest Trap Sounds for Native Instrument’s Massive (demo containing 30 of the 100 presets), is created by Bryan Lee, whose work includes official release presets for Helios Ray, FabFilter, Sakura, Alchemy, Rob Papen and so many more.

The good news is, you can download as many items as you want, without the need to make an account. But, if you want to share some of your own content, then you’ll need to sign up (which is free) and abide by the site’s upload agreement. Which is basically a confirmation that your own the copyright and haven’t ripped it off from somewhere.

This is definitely a site you’ll want to bookmark in your resources folder (along with AudioTechnology Magazine, of course)

Head over to the AudioBombs website, and get your download on: www.audiobombs.com




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