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Ashly Audio at NAMM 2020

Ashly Audio will unveil multiple pro sound speaker offerings at NAMM 2020.


16 January 2020

“Ashly is on a tear right now when it comes to new product,” said Noel Larson, VP of marketing and business development at Ashly Audio. “We heard over and over that people wanted to be able to buy a more complete solution from us, one that included speakers. We worked diligently to design speakers that accentuated our amplifier, mixer amp, and processor offerings. We couldn’t be more excited to finally be able to share these uniquely designed products with our partners.”

Seven models will be announced at Ashly’s NAMM booth, number 17903. These include column speakers, a passive subwoofer, passive all-weather speakers, and passive all-weather speakers with built in transformer.

At last year’s NAMM show, Ashly revealed the mXa-1502 mixer amp – an integrated product made up of a digital audio mixer and a two-channel power amplifier – which went on to win multiple Best of Show awards. It later announced 14 new products through 2019 – including a new software offering that allows for remote connections to Ashly products.

Larson concluded by saying that the coming year is going to be just as busy as Ashly expects more than 60 new products to be delivered in the coming 24 months.


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Issue 81
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