6 December 2017

Levelling the playing field is Arturia’s bag. It’s made a name for itself putting out-of-reach synths into the DAWs of young producers, then by making analogue affordable again. When it released its first audio interface, the impeccably crafted Audiofuse, it performed well on Mac OS, but lagged a little on the Windows front. With the first firmware 1.1 update, Windows users can enjoy the same 3ms latency. The whole system has also been tuned to provide the best CPU performance on either OS. Arturia says you can even reliably use a buffer of eight samples, provided your DAW will let you. There’s also a new ‘sleep’ mode, which is essentially the standby feature promised during the launch. Overall, the update means users will be able to get more tracks, more effects and more VIs out of their computer to complement Audiofuse’s tightly packed array of I/O.

Arturia: www.arturia.com
Australian Distributor: www.cmi.com.au


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