Antelope Opens DAW to FFGA Effects


22 November 2018

Antelope has released the much awaited AFX2DAW plug-in for its Zen Tour, Orion Studio and Orion Studio Rev.2017 interfaces.

The AFX2DAW plug-in essentially acts as a software bridge, allowing you to utilise the processing power of the FPGA chip in an Antelope interface within the convenience of your DAW environment, at zero cost to your computer’s CPU. It’s a good value proposition considering Antelope’s sizeable array of FPGA-powered processors which include many vintage emulated compressors, EQs, guitar amplifiers and cabinets, and even a reel to reel tape simulator.

You can stack up to four effects simultaneously per plug-in, and run up to 16 instances of AFX2DAW in a session. AFX2DAW is currently limited to macOS computers over Thunderbolt but Antelope says it is working hard to “expand its reach”.

AFX2DAW is now available on the Antelope Audio website priced at US$399.


Antelope Audio: www.antelopeaudio.com
Australian Distributor: www.federalaudio.com.au

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