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AmpliTube 5: Giant Leap For ‘Ampkind’

IK’s amp and effects software is totally re-engineered, offering more gear & signal chain options, all-new interface & a cutting-edge cab section


30 October 2020

AmpliTube 5 takes a giant leap forward with 129 new gear models for a total of over 400 ultra-realistic models. Offering a massive increase in gear, features and flexibility for an even more seamless and satisfying user experience, AmpliTube 4 massively raises the bar of what can be expected from an amp simulator today.

Both existing and new users will enjoy an all-new GUI featuring an updated ergonomic layout and new level of realism. Also now fully scalable, it can conveniently adapt to any display size including the latest Retina displays.

We also revisited all of the original AmpliTube legacy gear, adding a fresh new look, optimised internal gain structure and superior power amp/speaker interaction to maximise realism and feel. Featuring 100 completely re-measured cabs, two new stomps, five new amps, a new cab, and two new room simulations, there is so much new sound to be explored.

Beyond mono and stereo, the new, completely customisable gear chain now boasts wet-dry-wet configurations and other advanced series and parallel routing with support for up to 57 simultaneous models spread between stomps, racks, amps and cabs.

The completely re-engineered Cabinet section features IK’s new Volumetric Impulse Response (VIR) technology. To deliver the highest standard of accuracy and realism, IK measured 600 IRs per speaker of every existing and new cabinet model, for a total of 143,000 IRs. This process modeled a massive, 3D array of mic placement options – each capturing the interactions between speakers, cabinet and floor – for a genuinely true-to-life sound.  

All of this is available with a new 3D grid interface that allows users to snap the cabinet section’s movable mics to a precise IR point or seamlessly blend between multiple measurements. Plus, users can now import and load their own impulse responses and tweak them to find the perfect match for their desired tone.

A new Mixer window in the studio section complements AmpliTube 5’s expanded signal chain options and 8-track DAW. It allows users to blend their cabinet and microphone sounds, plus the DI signal, and make use of panning, levels, busses and 19 built-in effects with a selection derived from T-RackS 5 to bring a final studio polish to any track.

AmpliTube 5 also features a totally redesigned Custom Shop with a more modern, easy to navigate interface, helping users demo and unlock gear faster, sort by gear they own or don’t own, unlock preset-specific gear, and more. 

AmpliTube 5 can work both as a desktop app and plug-in for any DAW, and it’s available in four versions to suit every need – from the free AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop up through AmpliTube 5 MAX, which offers full access to all current official artist and brand collections.


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Issue 81
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