14 June 2016

amphenol amphe-dante two-channel adapter_rs

The Dante networking protocol has given opportunity for manufacturers to create new products that’ll make life easier for the live and studio engineer. One that’s pretty ingenious is the latest gadget from Amphenol — the AmpheDante adapters. These unassuming mini-cables serve as Dante-to-analogue converters, with an Ethernet port at one end and a male XLR connector at the other. The adapter receives Dante audio channels and emits low-latency audio, doing all the conversion in its small form factor. That means it’s super easy to add any sort of output to device to a Dante network — speakers, amplifiers, headphone amps and distribution units, hardware recorders or interfaces, etc. At the moment, the Amphe-Dante products are available in a single- or two-channel option.

“The new Amphenol adapters allow a huge market of legacy products like amplifiers and loudspeakers to now be Dante-enabled,” said Lee Ellison, CEO of Audinate. “Affordable solutions that allow analogue products to connect to a Dante network are an important piece of the audio networking ecosystem, and the Amphe-Dante products do just that.”

“We are excited to be working with Audinate to bring a truly unique product to the audio networking market.” said Stephen Richards, Sales & Marketing Director at Amphenol Australia. “The opportunity to collaborate with another successful Australian company offering world class technology will enable us to be at the forefront of digital audio connectivity.”

More info:
Amphenol: www.amphenolaudio.com
Australian Distributor: www.nationalaudio.com.au


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