9 November 2015

slate digital virtual microphone system

Whether it’s the sound of consoles, compressors, EQs or tape, we know Slate Digital products do a great job bringing analogue sonics to the digital realm. And now, it has released a product that’s supposed to do the same with microphones. Slate has announced the awaited Virtual Microphone System, designed to bring the sound of prized microphones and preamps to your recording setup, without having to sell a limb to buy the real thing.

The concept behind Slate VMS is to recreate a variety of world-class recording chains using just a single microphone, preamp and plug-in. The package includes the ML One large diaphragm condenser microphone, VMS One preamplifier, and Virtual Preamp Collection plug-in. The microphone and preamp are designed from the ground up to be as transparent, neutral and clean as possible to provide the software with the flattest reproduction of the performance. The plug-in, which incurs zero latency, then allows you to choose your own signal chain options, with some very identifiable and iconic options at your disposal including the Neumann U47, Telefunken ELAM 251 and Neve 1073 preamp. According to Slate, the last two years have been spent honing algorithms to recreate the authentic sound of the classic mics and pres, including their harmonic and distortion characteristics.

So is Slate VMS all it’s made out to be? Check out Slate’s release video and decide for yourself:

More info:
Slate Digital: www.slatedigital.com
Australian Distributor: www.audiochocolate.com.au



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