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Adamson CS7P: Milan Ready

Adamson Introduces Milan-Ready CS7p Intelligent Point Source Enclosure


22 January 2019

Adamson Systems Engineering is set to formally introduce the CS7p point source enclosure – the first entry in a new generation of loudspeaker technology at NAMM Show. Beginning with the CS7p, the new CS-Series will be the first family of mobile loudspeakers to feature onboard Class-D amplification, DSP, and Milan-ready (AVB) network endpoints.

The CS-Series builds atop the proven foundation of the tour-grade S-Series and install-focused IS-Series. In its first iteration, the CS7p has been successfully used as a FOH near-field monitor at high-profile events such as the Hillsong Conference (Australia) and on the Drake and Migos North American tour.

“Today, the CS7p gives us the luxury of streaming audio over AVB with console manufacturers that are co-authoring the Milan specification alongside their industry peers. In an application such as FOH monitoring, it simplifies the deployment process by allowing users to make a single connection,” says Benoit Cabot, Director of R&D at Adamson. “In the future, the building blocks in the CS-Series will simplify complex system deployments by eliminating complications in network infrastructure.”

The CS7p employs Milan-ready redundant AVB technology with the ability to daisy-chain networked audio between multiple sources in addition to an analog XLR input and output. Acoustically, the CS7p contains two 7-in. Kevlar Neodymium transducers and a 3-in. compression driver, loaded with a rotatable 70 x 40 (H x V) waveguide. The dipole arrangement of the cabinet provides a stable polar response, and the CS7p can also be paired to increase horizontal coverage and overall output.

“In recent years, Adamson has been working as part of the Avnu Alliance with other industry leaders in the development of the Milan protocol – an initiative that we believe will benefit the entire professional audio industry,” begins Morten Lave, Network Architect for Adamson. “With the CS7p and other upcoming CS-Series offerings, Adamson has taken steps to ensure compliance with Milan, but we have also included a fully redundant, daisy-chainable networking topology to ensure that the signal chain is the most manageable and secure in any networked audio loudspeaker product available on the market today.”

“Technological convergence has always been at the forefront of Brock Adamson’s vision, and ultimately, the CS-Series carries Adamson’s longstanding and proven manufacturing philosophies into the digital audio landscape,” says Marc Bertrand, Adamson CEO. “It’s fitting that Brock will be honoured with the Audio Innovator Award at the 2019 Parnellis during The NAMM Show, where the CS-Series will make its international debut.”


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