25 January 2016

neumann website

Neumann has launched a website dedicated to home studio recording. Wolfgang Fraissinet, President of Neumann.Berlin says, “With our new Home Studio microsite, we are demonstrating that Neumann is both highly competent and highly relevant for sound enthusiasts and musicians who make their own recordings. In recent years we have created a number of affordable products which make the Neumann sound available to home users. With Neumann in the Home Studio, our goal is to help our new customers get the very best out of their microphones.”

Part of the new microsite is the Neumann Home Studio Academy which features a number of tutorials, including audio samples, that help beginner get started and provide advanced users with useful background information to refine their recording techniques. The site also contains detailed information on Neumann microphones that are of particular interest to musicians, like the TLM 102, TLM 103, KM 184 and KMS line.

Neumann has also partnered with Apogee to supply a home recording package consisting of the TLM 102 large diaphragm condenser microphone and Apogee’s Duet audio interface. The bundle will be available from April 2016 exclusively to the USA, Canada, Germany and the UK, and can be purchased directly from Neumann’s Home Recording microsite.

More info:
Neumann Home Studio: www.neumann.com/homestudio
Australian Distributor: www.sennheiser.com.au


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