Nightfox Audio Rolls Out Inaugural Plugins.

Nightfox Audio releases its first suite of plugins—Grand Piano Suite, Plucks & Mallets and String Central


20 November 2023

Nightfox Audio has introduced its inaugural suite of plugins—Grand Piano Suite, Plucks & Mallets and String Central. All three are virtual instruments with creative inspiration at the core, giving layers of authentically sampled instruments to create brand new, hybrid tones, and are now available at www.nightfoxaudio.com and through most major plugin retailers.

Nightfox Audio’s plugins are compatible with all major DAWs and support both Windows and MacOS. With customer experience at the forefront, they also offer a suite of tutorials and a dedicated support forum to make sure their users have not just the tools, but the knowledge to create their best work. The three plugins are available to purchase now, each for $99. The company also offers two-week trials for each plugin with no restrictions.

Grand Piano Suite is a stack of 11 grand pianos recorded at multiple unique velocities, ranging from a large concert grand piano in a huge chamber to a vintage electric grand piano and even an array of prepared textures. The plugin allows users to blend them all together to provide a rich tapestry of sounds, with over 70 presets and the functionality of a synthesizer with full effects.

Plucks & Mallets is a collection of 10 uniquely sampled plucked and struck instruments. The interface allows users to blend any and all of them together to easily create brand new sounds to inspire your creative process. Bring pizzicato cello and concert pedal harp together with steel tongue drum and shape it quickly with an onboard arpeggiator and a full range of effects.

String Central brings the depth and richness of stringed instruments to the digital realm. It includes 13 layered textures from a virtuoso cellist and vintage synth strings, allowing for a blend of organic and synthesized tones and patterns. It’s sampled with loads of character and movement and can be easily stacked together for an incredibly rich tone.

Musicians and producers have praised the intuitive design and quality of Nightfox Audio’s plugins. One user said, “I love the Nightfox Audio plugins! They’re visually stunning and super intuitive!” Another said, “The interface pushes me to be more creative and takes me places sonically where I would never have gone without it.”

In celebration of this launch, Nightfox Audio is offering an exclusive discount for early adopters by offering a Launch Bundle containing all three products for $199. Musicians are invited to explore these new sonic landscapes and find inspiration in the unprecedented versatility of these plugins.

About Nightfox Audio

Founded by producer/musician Philip Zach in 2023, Nightfox Audio creates virtual instruments that capture the sound and character of real instruments. Nightfox’s products are used by song writers, producers, and composers to create original hybrid sounds


Nightfox Audio: nightfoxaudio.com

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