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V72 Tube Preamp Plugin

Fuse Audio Labs introduces its VPRE-72 plugin — based on the classic Fifties-vintage V72 tube preamp.


6 December 2023

Truly analogue-sounding plugins developer Fuse Audio Labs is proud to introduce its VPRE-72 plugin — available as a brand-new freebie offering based on the classic Fifties-vintage V72 tube preamp design.

As an analogue milestone dating back to the early Fifties, the V72 subsequently secured its place as a standout piece of recorded history through to the present day, acting as the blueprint for the later V76 and also the classic REDD.47 preamps playing a part in making numerous Beatles sessions sound so fab.

It is testament to Fuse Audio Labs’ talent for fashioning truly analogue-sounding plugins, then, that the VPRE-72 catches the subtle yet divine spirit of its inspirational model namesake with a faithful emulation of the input and output transformers, the dual EF804s pentode circuit with its peculiar feedback structure, as well as the heavy output choke that brings a subtle touch of air to the preamp proceedings.

Putting the VPRE-72 through its paces is a straightforward process: the drive control generates as much tube vibe as is needed, while pushing further progresses through to gentle- and musical-sounding saturation. Gain is compensated for convenience, and added V76-style low- and high-cut filters allow for quickly shaping the results to taste. The integrated grouping feature makes the plugin particularly suited to multi-channel applications.

According to Fuse Audio Labs CEO Reimund Dratwa, “The V72 will always remain a benchmark in preamp design in terms of excellent engineering and pristine sound characteristics, but getting hold of one these days will likely set you back a small fortune. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way… which is why we are especially delighted to make its epic tube tone available for anyone’s DAW absolutely for free.”

The VPRE-72 plugin is offered for free, without any temporal or functional restrictions, and anyone is invited to create a free account on the Fuse Audio Labs website ( to find their download waiting for them.

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated VPRE-72 webpage here:



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Issue 94