LABS: Arctic Swells

A free virtual instrument from Spitfire Audio that features the interactions of violin and Native American flute.


17 November 2023

Producing inspiring sounds for composers, LABS plugins are created with sonic pioneers such as Hans Zimmer, and the world’s finest musicians and studios. LABS is a series of free software instruments that are presented by Spitfire Audio, and available in an easy-to-use, dedicated plug-in. The user interface is clutter-free and focused, and features simplified controls, sliders for expression and dynamics, and a knob that can be easily customised to the user’s personal workflow.

By blending together the rises and falls of two instruments — a violin, and a handmade Native American flute — musician and sound maker Jon Meyer has created this unique hybrid instrument. Recorded using Neumann KM84s and Coles 4038s, for a close sound, the result is icy, undulating swells and decays, with pitched-down samples creating low, sustained drones.


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