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A Battalion of Drums

Battalion is a flexible new drum machine developed by Unfiltered Audio.


17 April 2024

Plugin Alliance, part of Native Instruments, has released Battalion, a flexible new drum machine developed by Unfiltered Audio. Battalion delivers the colour and control of iconic drum synths, with the sampling features and approachability of a modern drum machine. Perfect for generating beats of any genre in minutes, or for tweaking and experimenting with rhythms that are completely original.

Battalion lets producers create studio-quality beats in three easy ways:
• Build from the ground up with the synth section, which features 20 distinct synthesis engines that deliver essential drum synth sounds for drum production – from iconic 80s drum machine sounds to otherworldly synth sounds
• Choose from Battalion’s vast sample library, a dedicated space for loading, playing, and modifying samples with four sample modes: Classic, Phase Warp, Cloner, and Granular
• Upload original samples, then use Battalion’s rich sampler to sculpt unique sounds
Or move seamlessly between sampling and synth generation using the onboard BLEND slider, which enables truly unprecedented sonic combinations. Paired with Battalion’s powerful bank of effects and modulation, there are plenty of options for exploration.

Battalion makes arranging beats both intuitive and inspiring. Arrange beats into compelling combinations with the intuitive graphic sequencer, create patterns from scratch, or build from existing presets.

Battalion also features a performance mode for DJ sets or live performances, which allows users to trigger, loop, and manipulate sounds on the fly with ease and flair.

Key Features
• BLEND slider for seamless mixing between synth and sampler generators
• 20 synthesis engines with unique controls
• Eight voices with advanced mix interaction controls
• Unfiltered Audio effects: SHATTER DELAY and HEADSPACE REVERB
• Channel Strip with DELAY, REVERB, PAN, VOICE GAIN
• Multi-mode filter and non-linear distortion
• Filter algorithms including Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass
• Distortion algorithms including Bitcrush, Rate Crush, Wavefold, Phase, Tape, and Tube
• Performance mode
• Controls for EQ and pitch
• CLIPPING MODE selector for managing signal clipping behavior



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