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The Nu:Tekt NTS-3 kaoss pad is a new effects unit.


20 March 2024

The Nu:Tekt NTS-3 kaoss pad is a groundbreaking new effects unit, seamlessly integrating the iconic KAOSS XY pad touch interface and the distinctive KAOSS effects into a compact yet powerful customizable DIY kit.
With up to 4 effects playable at the same time and deep editing options, NTS-3 stands as a performance powerhouse, offering unparalleled versatility that elevates your on-the-go performances to new heights.
Designed with performance in mind, the NTS-3 boasts user-friendly controls and adaptable connectivity, making it the ultimate compact FX unit that will delight musicians, sound creators and DIY gadget fans alike. Experience the next level of sonic expression with the Nu:Tekt NTS-3 kaoss pad.

Key Features

Betraying its compact size, The NTS-3 kaoss pad comes with a treasure trove of built-in, distinctive KAOSS effects. These range from essential filters and compressors to immersive delays, reverbs and imaginative modulation effects, offering a palette of original and previously unexplored performance possibilities.

Unbound playability

NTS-3 is not just an FX unit; its unique interface brings a new, fresh dimension to your performance with superior playability in a compact body that can be taken anywhere.

Unparalleled Customization and logueSDK

NTS-3 offers unbound on-board editing and customization options, and also uses an open development API (Application Programming Interface) available on Github that allows users to develop and create brand new effects via its dedicated logueSDK (Software Development Kit),


As a performance-focused FX instrument, the NTS-3 brings comprehensive and flexible connectivity options.

Free bundle of music software

The NTS-3 comes with a diverse variety of music software from Izotope including “Ozone Elements” which lets you not only create songs but also master them using AI


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Issue 94