Allen & Heath CQ Firmware Update is Next Level

Allen & Heath has listened to users' requests and beefed up the CQ capabilities.


7 June 2024

Following the award-winning and ultra-compact CQ, Allen & Heath unveiled the CQ firmware V1.2. This latest release introduces a host of new features including DCAs, Mute Groups, and a freely configurable Custom Layer, enabling a new level of user control.

“Since launch CQ has quickly become the smart choice for bands, engineers, venues, and AV installers looking for a small, easy-to-use mixer packed with our renowned processing and effects,” says Keith Johnson, Senior Product Manager at Allen & Heath. “For V1.2, we set out to incorporate the most commonly requested features from our fantastic digital community forums, with this user feedback driving a new level of control for CQ mixers.”

At the top of the new V1.2 feature list is the addition of 4 DCAs, each capable of controlling the level of any combination of inputs, outputs, and FX, for simple single-fader control of multiple channels, such as a drum kit, without affecting their relative levels.

Due to huge popular demand, A&H is introducing 4 Mute Groups, enabling operators to mute and unmute multiple channels at once via a single button, allowing the muting of all stage mics or monitor speakers.

The new configurable Custom Layer allows users to set up the 4 channel tabs with any combination of channel strips for a personalised mixing experience and accelerated workflow.

Additional features include a 2-band EQ on FX, remote MIDI control, custom colours for outputs in the GUI, and several other improvements.

CQ V1.2 is available now from the Allen & Heath website.


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