Ableton Live 12 is Officially Alive

Ableton has now released the latest Live 12.


7 March 2024

Ableton has released Live 12 with a whole bunch of new features and improvements. Here are a few examples, and a link to the website and Mark Davie’s AudioTechnology review.

Reshape MIDI patterns

Apply a variety of simple or complex variations to your MIDI clips with new MIDI Transformations. Add ornaments and articulations, draw acceleration and deceleration curves, connect successive notes and chords, simulate the strum of a guitar, and more.

Generate inspiration

Conjure up melodies, chords and rhythms with the help of new MIDI Generators. Set constraints and let your chosen Generator create playful and original ideas for you to develop and turn into your own.

Do more with Max for Live

Try out additional Max for Live Transformations and Generators that give you deeper ways of working with MIDI, or go even further by building new ones.

Embrace and explore tunings

Follow your preferred tuning systems or try different ones more easily. Work outside of 12-tone equal temperament, and use your tuning with Live’s devices as well as any MPE-capable plugin or hardware.

You can go to www.ableton.com for a full rundown, and even better you can read AudioTechnology’s own Mark Davie’s in-depth review HERE.


Website: Ableton.com

AT Review: HERE


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