2 May 2013



Joe Meek is the latest company to jump on the 500 Series bandwagon releasing the meQ Meequaliser, preQ Preamplifier and meC Compressor. All three come in Joe Meek’s distinctive green colour that you’ll either love or hate. The designers haven’t gone out on any limbs with anything too radical. The Meequaliser is a straightforward 4-band parametric EQ with a switch for converting the bell shape on the high-mid and low-mid bands between wide and narrow, or a similar button changes from bell to shelf modes on the high-frequency and low-frequency bands. The Preamplifier has an extra De-Esser feature which will be handy and a high-impedance input on the front. The compressor can be linked to another meC unit via a 6.5mm TRS jack on the front for stereo operation and there’s a Slave button. All in all, Joe Meek probably think its reputation for quality, professional audio gear is enough to get a big, green foot through the door of the 500 Series market without trying to re-invent any wheels. Nothing wrong with that thinking at all. “Coming soon” is all we can tell you, but check www.joemeek.com for yourself.


AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR: Atlantis Asia www.atlantisasia.com


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