MXL’s Mini Revelation

Honey, I shrunk the tubes! The classic Revelation Tube Mic sounds gets compacted down into a FET baby. Why? Why not!


15 October 2020

MXL Microphones welcomes a new addition to its microphone lineup, the Revelation Mini FET. Inspired by the legendary Revelation and new Revelation II tube microphones, MXL set out to create a microphone that has the same intimacy and warmth of a tube mic, but built around a FET circuit with a smaller footprint. 

“While everyone loves a beautiful, elegant-sounding tube mic, sometimes artists require a smaller, more durable solution,” says Trevor Fedele, Director of Sales at MXL Microphones. “With these needs in mind, the MXL team put a great deal of energy into the design of the Revelation Mini FET in order to preserve the classic Revelation sound while increasing the mic’s flexibility for a range of applications, both in-studio and out on the road.” 

MXL’s Revelation Mini FET utilises a premium 32mm centre terminating, gold-sputtered capsule combined with a low noise circuit to provide pristine sound in a range of applications. The Revelation Mini FET focuses on the midrange and lower frequencies, which sets the mic apart from basic entry-level condenser mics. This innovative design results in recordings with less hum and more music. Additionally, the inclusion of a three-stage pad (0, -10dB, -20dB) provides the flexibility needed for recording high SPL sources, such as horns and kickdrums.

From its black chrome accents to the hand-selected FET and capacitors, the Revelation Mini FET stands out from the crowd by emphasising the natural characteristics of its sound source, including hard-hitting kick drums, soft vocals and everything in-between. “We look forward to seeing musicians and artists put the Revelation Mini FET to the test,” adds Fedele. “I’m confident that this is going to be a workhorse mic that can complement almost any application.”


MXL: www.mxlmics.com
Australian Distributor: www.innovativemusic.com.au

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