Arturia Announces Audiofuse 8Pre Interface / Expander

Audiofuse sizes up with 8 preamps, dual-mode and flexibility for almost any studio situation.


19 September 2019

The AudioFuse 8Pre is now available worldwide. Announced at NAMM 2019, this high spec, versatile studio solution puts 8 channels of premium analog audio in a simple, intuitive interface, making it easier than ever for musicians, producers, and engineers to achieve their creative goals.


8 premium preamps without the premium price
The bespoke DiscretePRO mic preamps have some of the best specs in the industry. They’re tonally transparent, have huge gain, and practically zero noise. 

Dual functionality
AudioFuse 8Pre can either be used as a standalone multi-in/out interface, or as a high quality expander for another interface. 

Pristine audio quality
At every stage in its circuitry, Arturia have used the highest quality components to provide the perfect recording and listening experience with totally flat response and perfect AD/DA conversion. 

Desktop or rackmount
The rack ears can face forward to mount in a 19” studio rack, or face down to use the unit as a desktop interface.

Fantastic included software
AudioFuse 8Pre comes with the AudioFuse Creative Suite, accurately recreated vintage preamps and legendary studio effects that will give your music that triple-A studio sound. 


The Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre is a useful tool for many situations that arise in modern music production:

  • Drum recording: 8 channels of premium audio, so you don’t have to choose which drum mic gets the best preamp.
  • Using boutique mics: huge gain and no noise means you can crank the levels and still have a pristine audio signal.
  • Live recording: 8 pres let you track a whole band with the best audio quality around.
  • Live performing: 8 outputs let you give the sound tech more options, so you can sound your best when you hit the stage.
  • Creative recording: channels 1 and 2 feature dedicate effect insert points, giving you more creative scope during tracking.
  • Expanding your setup: if you already own an interface you love, AudioFuse 8Pre can add another 8 ins and 8 outs through ADAT.
  • Mix with confidence: the included software plug-ins are modelled on some of the most iconic studio outboard ever made from the 60s to the present day.
  • Master with accuracy: absolute flat response and no noise at all volumes, across all frequencies, both on headphone, monitor, and line outputs. 

“The 8Pre is a serious piece of kit, giving you 8 of the best preamps on the market for a great price.” Martin Dutasta, the man in charge of Arturia’s audio interfaces, is excited that musicians and producers all around the world will soon be able to use the AudioFuse 8Pre. “It’s the kind of thing that every engineer or producer will have a use for, and I hope people will love making it part of their creative setups.”


This new software anthology brings together some favourites from Arturia’s “You’ll Actually Use” effects series together with Analog Lab Lite, a software instrument that contains hundreds of expertly curated presets from their award winning V Collection.

The original AudioFuse, as well as the Studio and 8Pre versions, all deliver some of the most transparent analog audio ever heard in the industry. This pristine accuracy is the perfect match for Arturia’s new range of effects, which let you colour your sound with vintage studio preamps and iconic outboard effects. This lets AudioFuse users benefit from the best of old and new recording technology to truly create music without limits. 

AudioFuse Creative Suite contains:

TridA Pre
Music industry gold-dust. Get that ultra-rare Soho preamp sound and musical EQ that added flavor to countless best-selling hits for over half a century. 

1973 Pre
Inspired by the hugely influential British studio sound, the Arturia 1973-Pre is the key to getting that harmonically exciting, solid-state 70s tone. 

V76 Pre
The key to getting that “White Album” sound, these reinvented German engineered, tube-driven broadcast preamps were beloved by Abbey Road. 

Mini Filter
Dr Robert Moog’s iconic, smooth ladder filter, accurately recreated and updated with an LFO, envelope follower, and a step sequencer. 

Comp FET-76
Modelled after the most sought-after compressor ever made, the Class A FET sound our 1176 software recreation seems to make everything sound better. 

Delay TAPE-201
The Arturia Delay TAPE-201 gives you everything you love about the sound of vintage hardware tape delays, but with the reliability and versatility of software. 

Analog Lab Lite
A superb software instrument containing hundreds of amazing presets taken from Arturia’s award-winning V Collection. Analog synths, pianos, organs, and more await. 


Arturia: www.arturia.com
Australian Distributor: www.cmi.com.au

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