ChowDSP: Chow Phaser

A free mono/stereo phaser plugin with flexible control.


18 November 2023

Chowdhury DSP is a project created by Jatin Chowdhury with the intention of developing innovative and high-quality audio software, as well as making that software available to the widest audience possible. ChowDSP software is driven by the desire to create useful tools for musicians and audio engineers; tools that sound great, are easy to use, and provide musical inspiration.

Chow Phaser is a digital phaser effect originally inspired by the Schulte Compact Phasing ‘A’. The plugin contains both mono and stereo modes, a ‘skewed’ LFO modelled after the characteristics of light-dependent resistors, as well as nonlinear filters to add warmth and dirt. Chow Phaser Mono is designed to accept a mono signal as input and generate a stereo signal as output. Any stereo input to the plugin will first be summed to mono before applying any processing. Chow Phaser Stereo accepts a stereo signal, and processes each channel entirely separately. To link the controls between the left and right channels, hold the SHIFT key while moving one of the knobs.

The phaser’s processing is broken up into two stages: feedback and modulation. The amount of processing done by each stage can be controlled separately with the Feedback and Modulation knobs. Both stages share the same LFO, which is controlled by the Depth and Frequency parameters, as well as the Skew knob. The ‘10x’ parameter simply multiplies the LFO frequency by 10. The ‘stages’ parameter controls which filter stages are used in the modulation section, while Drive, Dirt, and Thrash add various styles of nonlinear processing to the feedback stage.


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