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Review: Røde PSA1+ Microphone Boom Arm

Røde improves on the popular PSA1 with a boom arm that’s flexible in more ways than one.


15 November 2021

After buying a couple of headphones and nice mics, a boom arm has got to be the next most necessary purchase for a podcaster. And like with many other podcasting products, Røde has led the way.

The new Røde PSA1+ makes a few improvements on the original PSA1 flexible boom arm. The PSA1+ has a cleaner aesthetic thanks to the padded black covers which conceal the arms, and the clips along the arms make for straight and tidy cable runs down to the desk (as opposed to velcro bands on the PSA1). Padded springs mean even quieter operation when manoeuvring a microphone and the maximum mic weight capacity increases by 100g to 1.2kg. 

The PSA1+ itself weighs 1.5kgs – certainly hefty enough to trust it with your best mics. There isn’t much to its assembly. Clamping the base to the edge of my desk was a breeze and the soft rubberised surfaces cause little concern about marks or scratches. Alternatively, if you’re happy to reserve a desk for podcast duties only, drill a 50-80mm hole in it and use the included threaded desk mount for a very neat presentation. Once either of the mounting options is firmly in place, the boom arm simply slots into the circular hole on top. Screw in a mic and you’re away. 


Most podcast mics come with yoke mounts, which of course is preferable over a plastic clip mount, although either will be perfectly compatible with the PSA1+. The ability to swivel a mic left and right at its base lets you point it at your mouth even when the boom arm is off to a side. 

One can’t help but appreciate how buttery smooth the PSA1+ is to operate. Despite multiple pivot points, there’s hardly any play in the joints; push or pull the mic to a position and it’ll stay exactly there. I am using it with my Shure MV7 to replace my usual desktop USB mic and the benefits are apparent. Firstly, it frees up desk real estate which, for clutter-haters like me, is always satisfying. I can pull the mic into position for video calls and push it out of the way when I don’t need it. And the 360° rotation at the base and 940mm horizontal reach means the mic always comes to me, not the other way around – vastly better than a desk stand alternative. I’m impressed with how quietly it operates too. Be aware: any kind of bumping or thumping of the boom arm will show up fairly audibly through the mic. The same goes for repositioning the mic to a lesser degree.

For podcasters, gamers, or anyone who uses a non-desktop-style microphone for voice, the PSA1+ is a dream. In my opinion, the ergonomics of a mic dropping in from above or next to you is far superior than a tabletop stand. The PSA1+ gives you more desk space, more fine adjustment of mic position, and silent operation. Plus, if you video your podcasts, the PSA1+ will add a clean professionalism to your look.





    Rode: (02) 9648 5855 or

  • PROS

    Large range of motion
    Silent operation
    Neat cable guides

  • CONS



    The Røde PSA1+ will handle mics up to 1.2kg with ease and has a wide range of motion. Cable clips keep things neat while padded springs ensure repositioning your mic occurs quietly and smoothly. Both clamp and hole mounts are included. The Røde PSA1+ is the ideal boom arm for podcasters, gamers, and anyone who uses a non-desktop-style microphone for voice capture. 


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