Published On April 20, 2016 | News, Recording/Mixing

zoom u-24

The Zoom U-24 is a compact, 2 in/4 out audio interface with 24 bit/96k recording. It’s got the same preamps as on the H5 and H6 recorders and hooks up to your Mac, PC or iPad via USB to form a quick and easy recording device for when small size matters.

The U-24 has two combo inputs for mics or line ins, each with its own gain knob and multi-colour level indicators. 48V phantom power is available on both inputs, with the first also accepting Hi-Z inputs for direct instrument connection. Separate TRS and RCA output jacks give you more options for the likes of DJ mixers etc. The independent headphone output has its own volume control. Monitoring is zero latency. Ableton Live 9 Lite is included.

zoom u-44

The Zoom U-44 basically looks like a blue version of the U-24, but it has a few more features. It’s got four outputs instead of two, and thanks to its 10-pin Zoom connector, the U-44 is compatible with all of the company’s interchangeable input capsules to make a solid handheld field recording setup. You’ll also find MIDI I/O, S/PDIF optical/coaxial connectivity, three TRS phone jack outputs, and more monitoring flexibility.

More info:
Zoom: www.zoom.co.jp
Australian Distributor: www.dynamicmusic.com.au

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