Published On July 27, 2016 | Live Sound, News


We’re all familiar with the sight of an in-ear monitor dangling from the shoulder of an on-stage musician or singer because their feed sounded unnatural or isolated. That’s the thing about in-ears — that sense of roominess and space has to be recreated well, or it feels wrong having a squeaky clean mix of lone-sounding instruments pumped into your skull while jamming out on a live stage with hundreds of people in front of you.

But perhaps that problem’s in the past. Westone has developed a new range of in-ear monitors called the AM (Ambient Monitor) Pro Series. They’re designed to allow you to ‘feel’ the ambience of the stage while still receiving a full range of frequency response through the drivers.

There are three models in the Weston AM Pro Series — AM Pro 10, AM Pro 20, and AM Pro 30, with the first digit telling you how many drivers are in each. The Pro 20 and Pro 30 incorporate the Tru Audio Filter which gives ‘better filtration of ambient sound.’ Westone’s SLED technology (Sonic Low Pressure Equalisation Device) is what’s supposed to work the magic in providing this happy balance between natural ambience and high-quality monitoring.

More info:
Westone: www.westone.com
Australian Distributor: www.busisoft.com.au

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