Published On July 12, 2016 | News, Production


We know Waves is taking the whole 3D audio thing more seriously, but virtual instruments too? Apparently so. The company has released Electric 88 Piano, a recreation of a vintage ’70s Rhodes-style EP.

Waves came up with the Electric 88 Piano by sampling each note of a single, ‘road-worn’ vintage EP in order to preserve the non-linear and imperfect character of the original. Three sliders let you mix in mechanical noise, tines, and key up noise. The Formant control changes the character of the tone by shifting the samples up or down to add a unique dimension to the tone. You also get some effects including the mandatory tremolo and phaser, plus autopan, chorus and reverb. An amplifier and compressor finish the package, and driving the amp hard gives you some tasteful break-up. Electric 88 Piano can be used both standalone or as a plug-in within your DAW of choice. It’s going for an introductory price of US$39.

Check out this video to hear Yoad Nevo demo the new plug.

More info:
Waves Audio: www.waves.com
Australian Distributor: www.sound-music.com

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