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VUE Audiotechnik is set to introduce new loudspeaker products at Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt, Germany including new products in the al-Class and h-Class range.

The European reveal of the al-12 system will extend the VUE al-Class to address large-scale applications while showcasing VUE’s CST technology across the series. The al-12 exhibits all new component designs across the frequencies and is optimised for more demanding applications. It also further expands the existing al-Class products into a fully scalable system.

Also being introduced is the most powerful h-Class subwoofer to date, the self-powered hs-221 with ACM technology. The double 21-inch subwoofer has a compact footprint to output ratio, making it cost effective and easier to load into a truck. thus the hs-221 subwoofer is aimed at the touring market.

“We are very excited to introduce our new products to the European market. The al-12 expands our reach to the large format touring market and can address the most demanding and prestigious permanent install needs. This system will provide the ability of current VUE end-users to expand their inventory and grow beyond their present markets, while maintaining 100% use of their existing al-Class inventory,” said VUE CEO Ken Berger.

Examples of each of VUE’s product classes, along with the latest Dante audio networking enabled systems, and the newest version of the systemVUE software will be shown at Prolight & Sound.

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