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dynaudio 9s subwoofer

Two new subwoofers have been released by Danish brand Dynaudio — the first we’ve seen from them in 10 years that are specifically for studio monitoring. The 9S and 18S both have 9.45-inch woofers designed to be equally efficient for stereo and surround monitoring applications, handling a frequency range from 16Hz to 175Hz. The 9S has a single driver, whereas the 18S has one on either end acting as a push-push opposing design.

dynaudio 18s subwoofer

“We’re really proud to announce these new subs. The 9S is just as compact as our BM 9S II sub, yet with a performance that is comparable to the larger BM 14S II sub,” says Rune Holst Jacobsen, VP of Sales, Dynaudio Pro. “Regardless of whether you add it to a LYD 5, 7 or 8 stereo or surround setup — or use it with our classic BM series of studio monitors — it delivers a full, yet focused and revealing performance.

A 300W Class D amp powers the 9S sub to deliver what Dynaudio says is significantly better performance than the BM 9S II it replaces. The 18S is powered by a 500W amp with a built-in DSP engine with time alignment options, three-band EQ, and presets for Dynaudio monitors. The subs come with double front baffles, adjustable low-pass filters, and signal-sensing circuits for auto power up/power down.

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